Thursday, May 21, 2015

Author Central- Part 1

Author Central

Author Central needs to become a tool you familiarize yourself with thoroughly. This is one of the most important features Amazon offers to its authors. 

Your Author’s Page (which you create via Author Central) doubles as a tool for you to monitor your book’s success on the site as well as provide additional information to your target audience.  

Creating this Author’s Page is crucial for two reasons. 

  1. First it adds trust to your book’s Amazon Page because only the actual author of the book can create this. So it signals to Amazon Users that the author is active on the site and has claimed his/her book. 
  2. Second, your Author’s Page can be picked up by the Major Search Engines (Google, Yahoo & Bing). 

So if one of your reader’s searches your name on Google it is very likely your Author’s Page will show up on one of the search result pages. You never know where you next big break will come from so you want to cover any and all of your bases.

How to Get Started:

If you are a published author and your book is listed on Amazon you can claim your Author’s Page without the assistance of your publisher.

1.       Visit to create an account and “claim” your book.

This is a free service Amazon offer’s it’s authors. Login with the same email address you use when making a purchase on Amazon.  Amazon will direct you on how to claim your book, follow the steps Amazon provides you with. This is very simple. If your book does not automatically appear refine your search and type in your books title followed by your author name. 

2.       Confirm Verification Email sent by Amazon.  

Once you make your claim, Amazon will send you a verification email to authenticate you are the author of the selected book. Confirm this as soon as possible . Once Amazon receives your verification they will begin to create your Author’s Page. Note this can take up to 7 days after verification complete. 

- Kait Neese


  1. This is great, very helpful in understanding how Amazon works.Thanks.

  2. Thank you so much for starting this blog, Kait. I'm a long-time author with dozens of published books under my belt. I've become fed up with the traditional publishing mode, and have gone indie. (Sorta like going rogue.) I'm looking forward to sitting at your feet and learning how to do this marketing stuff better.

  3. Not a problem! Thank you for your comments! I will be posting two new segments tomorrow so make sure to check back! One will continue with how to create/use your Author's Page account.

  4. Hi Kait;

    Thank you for sharing your link on Goodreads. I have clients trying to learn more about Amazon so this blog will be an EXCELLENT resource. I've already directed a few authors. Well done!...and thank you for supporting the fellow writer.

    Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen
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  5. Well done Kait. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge of Amazon with all of us. Just the few articles you have started with opened my eyes to new concepts. I often wondered why Amazon's pages were different. Now I know. Thanks much. Ray

    R. K. Alan
    New Book Journal
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  6. Thankyou, this is excellent. I have a book coming out on Amazon within the next few weeks, and this information will be extremely useful!

  7. Thank you for this insightful information. Im interested in know how an author can get listed on Author Central. what are procedures and requirements?

  8. Thank you! I have a question: can I publish an eBook with a pseudonym? The topic is one that could be difficult for my chidren to handle and I'm considering using a pseudonym. Your thoughts would be appreciated on this question.