Sunday, March 27, 2011

What would happen if 1000 Amazon Users collaborated their efforts?

Let’s See If We Can Decide Which Book’s Become Best-Sellers on Amazon

As you all know the beautiful thing about Amazon is that our actions and efforts on the site can actually make a difference when it comes to book promotion. Amazon is the first e-commerce site in history to take its user’s input and use that data to provide shoppers with the ultimate customized online shopping experience made available. Think to when you shop on the site and see the infamous “Customers who viewed this item also viewed….” slogan, how do you think Amazon picked those books to recommend? By OUR clicks! It really is an incredible operating system

I have been working hand in hand with our author, Mike Saxton, on what exactly cracks the Amazon algorithms. We think we are coming pretty darn close but we need your help.

Currently the Kindle store on lists just over 500,000 kindle editions available for sale. These low numbers (when compared to the book department with over 5,000,000) indicate a huge opportunity to increase visibility for our authors. Eventually every book will be in kindle form so we need to act now.

As of Sunday, March 27th 2011, Mike Saxton’s kindle version of his book “7 Scorpions: Rebellion” is being sold for a limited time for .99 cents.

We want to see what our clicks and views can do in the sense of increasing promotion on Amazon.  We want to see what level of user activity it takes for this book to get swept up by the Amazon computers and virally promoted through their systems.

You do not have to buy this Kindle edition (although no one would mind if you did!) we just need you to help us by clicking a few buttons.

What you need to do:

  1. Visit:
  2. Click on the .99 cent tag ( it will look like the image below )
  3. Vote on any reviews you find helpful.

That’s it! Pretty simple. This is a new era and our “e-voices” make a difference now let’s watch it unfold!


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  1. Dear Kait,

    This is amazing, because I just published my book on leadership, Discover Your Leadership Style, in Dec 2010 and I am currently on a major marketing campaign to push my book as best seller by 15th July 2011.

    As a Singaporean author, I see the potential for many readers from USA and I hope for a collaboration with you.

    Mark Chew